About Us.

About Mohnton Popcorn Growers, Mohnton, PA 19540 USA

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We are called Mohnton Popcorn Growers (MPG) and we are located in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, USA. We use NO: pesticides/herbicides/fungicides on our popcorn. Our popcorn seed is not treated before planting or after harvest and is 100% GMO-free. Organic compost is applied several times a year and our popcorn is 100% organically grown.

We do NOT apply synthetic fertilizer. We grow several varieties including Robust White Hybrid and Robust Yellow Hybrid. We practice sustainable farming to protect our natural resources. Beware of so-called large-scale organic popcorn growers. Razing the land with farm tractors allows soil seepage of any diesel spills, gas/oil contamination from improperly maintained tractors and cross-contamination from tractor tires. We hand-till and hand-pick our popcorn. All popcorn is processed on site. We take pride in our product so you can enjoy popcorn the way nature intended. Please wait for high quality pictures to download.

For nutrition information, click here: Nutrition Information

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